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Name and surname:     Mohammad Shams Javi
Education level:            MSc in Computer Science
Country:                          Iran


  • Artificial intelligence programming
  • Software security, cryptography, socket and system programming
  • Programming in, RAD Studio, Visual Studio.Net, AS2, AS3, ASM, Matlab, C++
  • Mobile programming on iOS and Android platforms
  • Windows server and services management, 2008xR2, 2008, 2003
  • Cisco switching solution management
  • Hosting control panel management Plesk, CPanel, WHM
  • Server and software virtualization solutions with Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft RemoteApp, VMware vSphere, VMware ThinApp
  • HP server management and customization, specially G7, G6, G5
  • VOIP solutions, Elastix as hobby
  • Electronic and Robotic as hobby

Research experiences:

DateActivity Description
2011Paper "Standard Benchmark Generation for Superstring problems"
2011Published book: ActionScript 3 handy reference
2011Paper "A hybrid method of MA (Memetic algorithm) and AIS (Artificial Immune system) to solve RCPSP"
2011Paper "A new approach to solving the shortest superstring problem with Memetic Algorithm"
2011Registering a research project on Superstring optimization and applications
2010Published book: Implementing and Solving Practical Problems with Genetic Algorithm
2010Research on the Parallel Genetic algorithms in distributed systems
2009Accepted poster “A smart method to manage RCPSP using Memetic algorithm” in Computer Engineering and Information Technology Conference ICCE
2009Accepted paper “ Introducing a model of biometric authentication using passwords typing pattern” in Computer Engineering and Information Technology Conference ICCE
2009Research on the Sequential Genetic algorithms and their applications
2009Research seminar presented in Islamic Azad University of Mahshahr, about
Metaheuristic Algorithms: Gravitational emulation VS Simulated annealing
2009Research on bio-pattern recognition systems
2008Research on .Net security/protection using Obfuscators
2008Research on memetic algorithms, optimization methods in the GA and local searches
2008Research on digest hash methods in cryptography, hashs collision
2008Research on Parsers/Compilers/Linking process/ etc
2008Designing a high-level compiler for translating Cpp to Ansi C, name Cpp2C
2008Research congestion control in networks, using Genetic algorithms
2008Research on software licensing systems, PE packer and protectors
2007Research on Genetic algorithms and optimization problems
2005Research on VOIP, Client-Server systems, making “Mclass” remote administration program with features (VOIP,RA,FTP,…) .i
2004System/Security programming of API Hooking, DLL Injection, etc
2003Research in the field of computer viruses structure / spread methods / prevention / making of several samples

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