Resolving error 500 of Joomla on Cpanel host

Error code of 500 is a well-known error for Joomla users on Cpanel. Usually when you want to login to administrator panel of Joomla, this error appears and you cannot login.
In such case, the website already shown correctly and users can login throw website login page but the super user cannot log in because any attempt to login via administrator/index.php blocked with Error 500.
Anyway, my solutions after some study and tests are as follow:
  1. Your login session time may be expired. Clean up your browser cookies and try again. To prevent happening of such error again, go to Joomla main configuration page and increase session expiration period.
  2. Your .htaccess file in httpdocs may be the reason. If you have any backup of this file, try restore (usually you have an htaccess.txt). You can also rebuild this file with online generators or copy this from any other installed Joomla host.
  3. Some files and folders permission may be wrong. Try changing the permission of configuration.php and all folders to 777 (change back them again after error repair).
  4. It may appeared by some Cpanel errors. Try cleaning the content of .trash and tmp folders on Cpanel root. You can also clean the tmp folder in Joomla root.
  5. Your database may need some repair. So go to phpMyAdmin and open your Joomla DB. Select all tables and then go to the bottom of the table list. Select the repair option from combo box.

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