If you are a computer user specially an expert (ex: programmers; graphic designers; geeks), you are really at risk for eye diseases like as Myopia (which also known as shortsighted eye).Myopia is a disorder of the visual system that leads to blurring of distance vision while near vision remains adequate. Such as every disease, early diagnosis of Myopia is helpful to prevent the progress of that.  By the way, the best solution is meeting an optometrist, but you can also examine your eyes at home.
According to Grand Wiki: “An eye chart is a chart used to measure the visual acuity.” By the use of an eye chart, you can examine each of your eyes acuity.

As I am a programmer and strongly in risk of eye disease, I decided to design a program to generate eye charts for myself.
I have created many charts for my home and work office. I pinned those up the wall in a distance about four meters to my chair. Every few minutes I stop the work and look at the charts with concentration. Actually, it seems a very good exercise to prevent Myopia!
Download EyeChart
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