Sometimes you need to make some changes to an Exe Projector window without using any 3rd party Flash tool such as Zinc or others.
In this case, if you are familiar with executable files resources, you can do some tricky changes like as menubar removing, changing the title text, changing the version information and so on.At first, get a handy Exe resource editor (like as freeware, Resource Hacker) and open your Exe projector file. You will see a treemenu at left with some entries like “Cursor”, “Menu”, “Dialog”, “String Table”, “Version info” and others.

As Exe projector files are from PE (Portable Executable) structure, every resource is in its related subtree and the group names are so expressive.

I don’t want to explain the resources usages, but we consider two cases of changes.

Removing the menubar:
Go to the “Menu” resource subtree and remove the “602” subtree and all its contents.

Changing the title text:
Go to the “String Table” resource subtree and from its “1” folder, find the proper title resource depend on your OS default language (i.e.: “1033” for English language). Now, change the first string to any text you like and press the “Compile Script” button. Finally save the file and enjoy your modification.

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